Spare parts for rail vehicles


Universal knowledge of rail transportation

It is like a simple maths problem: The experience of our experts in all rail transportation fields plus the experiences which countless business have gained with our quality and performance ultimately equates to the level of trust that ETS enjoys in the German and international markets.

We have been providing top quality for almost any vehicle that moves on rails, ranging from the standard models to specialised vehicles, from small parts and extending to large components and modules. Our team has developed to become a popular port of call where information and specifications, applications and properties, materials and the functioning of the individual parts are concerned.


The right answer for every requirement

People who are concerned with the construction or reconstruction of rail vehicles know: A good service with components and add-on parts for the original equipment coupled with the ideal address for spare parts and maintenance is worth its weight in gold.

Incidentally: The spare parts service of ETS is virtually unbeatable. Whether it is TSI, VPI, DIN EN or TÜV – allow us to deal with this jungle of regulations for you. We offer the repair and refurbishment of used parts, where you will barely be able to detect the difference between it and the original component.

Economic Efficiency

Parts, a team and technology for professional use.

The better our service is for your company the more effectively you can develop in the market. That is why it is our goal to analyse and secure all information about the demands and needs of our clients to ensure that ETS has precisely the right offer on hand for them.

Put us to the test!

The reliable partner for all
design and technical issues

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Everything for your business

The needs of our clients have always been a challenge for us. Now ETS stakes the claim that it also has the appropriate answer for almost any spare part request. Our claim is clearly defined: We don’t just want to keep in store all the required spare parts, accessories or workshop supplies for your most diverse rail transport needs but also to supply them to you to your company within the shortest possible space of time.


To your front door

We don’t want to have to first wait for a taxi to receive your delivery that is so urgently required - or that you are dependent upon the available capacities of freight forwarding companies. For this reason we have built up a fleet that leaves nothing to be desired in logistic terms. You need a spare part and have just called our experts? In that case your order should already be at the appropriate station in our warehouse – it will be already loaded in a very short space of time and the lorry sets off on its way to you. We have extended our logistics competences in a sustained manned in setting ourselves the goal of meeting our customers' requirements with optimum levels of effectiveness. When we refer to an express service then that is also precisely what we mean. The inventory levels that you can dispose of within the time desired by you currently amounts to approx. 5000 products for the replacement supply of spare parts and the entire follow-up requirements – this also applies to all our European partners.